Denture Implants – Are Denture Implants Right For You?


Denture implants are a proven way to secure your dentures into your mouth without the need to use adhesives. These dentures are actually implanted into the gums for a permanent solution. Prosthetic posts are placed into the jawbone. Then, the gums and tissues are allowed to heal. Once this happens, the posts are used to secure the dentures into the mouth. This provides a strong, very tight bond that does not allow for the dentures to be removed or to move family dentist in birmingham.

Even in very rough conditions, these implants are likely to keep the dentures in place. For some patients, the goal is to get back natural, normal chewing methods using dentures like this.

Denture implants are not for everyone. They are ideal solutions for those that have lost nearly all of their teeth or that are currently using dentures. They are an improvement over common dentures because they look and feel like teeth and allow you to chew nearly normally. This provides most people with an improvement with the way that they look and feel about themselves, too.

You and your dentist will need to determine if this type of procedure is right for you as well as how many posts are needed. Two is the minimum but with additions the dentures are improved in strength considerably.

Most often, this procedure is done for the lower jaw, but in some cases, the upper jaw can also be done. Although expensive to have implanted, this is a new fix for those that have lost nearly all of their teeth. For those that need them; denture implants can be a great tool to improve the health and wellness of your smile.

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