Creating Professional Sites and SEO Structure


In creating professional websites we take great care in the details that the major search engines require so that they can be ranked on your pages.
The main items from approximately 2000 items are:
DA – Domain Authority. Number and quality of links to the domain 20.94%
PA – Page Authority. Quantity and quality of links to the page 19,15%
Relationship between content and keywords at page level 14.94%
Length, readability, uniqueness and loading speed of content 9.8%
Brand Strength 8.59% criação de sites sp
User metrics, traffic usage and search 8.06%
Social Metrics 7,24%
Use of keywords in the domain 6.98%
Aspects of the domain unrelated to key words 5.21%
All of these details are extremely worked out to make your site at the top!
As we said before, a site that is not classified in the search engines pages practically does not exist.
Because? Because if it is not found it practically does not exist!
In addition, there will be a great disappointment for those who paid for the creation of the site, as a result, it does not bring profits to the company.
So, above all, it is worth mentioning that in creating professional websites we think of ROI
ROI stands for “Return over Investment”
So, if your website generates revenue and profitability for your company, consequently you will have steady growth!

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