Online Multimedia Enriched CBSE Study Material For Classes 1 to 12


The advancement of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in education has changed the traditional methods of learning and teaching. The conventional online educational contents such as books & charts was substituted by multimedia based online study material. Explore CBSE Study Material with multimedia enriched courseware to optimize learning for CBSE courses 1 to 12 according to NCERT Curriculum. CBSE online solutions has become based on the usage of sounds, animations and images to make a learning environment more Interactive and Informative. ICT solutions provider organization, provides this interactive online solutions to all CBSE students and teachers across the nation. Covering all Topics like Maths, English, Hindi, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History, Political Science and Geography in the Shape of Interactive instructional contents. Teachers can also use it for formative and summative assessment of the students and strengthen their progress CFA study material.

The best thing about Genee CBSE online alternatives is its integration with ICT teaching aids such as Digital Whiteboard, Interactive Response Systems, Visualisers and projectors. Teachers can annotate on this study material with the assistance of electronic pencil on interactive whiteboard. Everything that is annotated can be saved in computer and common among students. The interactive educational materials for CBSE Pupils helps from the formative and summative assessment with Student reaction systems. The teacher asks questions using multimedia study material in a variety of formats such as text, numerical, multiple choices, yes or no, true or untrue etc.The student response systems collect information about answers which instructor can use for assessment.

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