How to Hire a Web Designer: 8 Places to Find a Web Designer


You probably don’t know it, but the resources for finding a great web designer is right at your fingertips. There are thousands of web designers out on the market, if you know where to look:

1. Referrals From Your Colleagues– The most logical and likely source for finding a good web designer is by asking others in your field. Chances are that they have a website or know of someone who has just launched a website. If the designer did a good job, they’ll be more than happy to give you their contact information. Start off by asking the people in your field that you work with on a regular basis. Expand your search by joining message boards and forums for those in your field and asking the members there for leads on good designers Web Design.

2. Family and Friends– Some of your family members and friends may also have had a website done recently or know of someone who has. You may even have a friend or a family member who is a designer who will have contacts with others in the field that you can inquire about.

3. Trade Organizations and Clubs– If you are a member of a professional or trade organization that may be another source for finding a web professional, especially if the guild has a website. You can also consider going to your chamber of commerce for information. Some web designers and agencies may be members.

4. The Yellow Pages– If you’re uncomfortable with choosing a web designer outside of your local area, the Yellow Pages and the White Pages of your phone book, might yield some ads from local web professionals. Look for listings under “Internet Services”, “Web Page and Site Design”, or “Graphic Design”.

5. Other Websites– While you’re researching the looks of sites that you like, use this as an opportunity to look for a designer at the same time. Often when a freelance designer or design agency develops a website, they include a small credit that links back to their website. The notices will usually say “Site Design by Jane Doe” or “Site Development by Nikolena Designs”. These notices will have a link to the designer’s website. If you see a website that impresses you, look for these little notices on the bottom of the web page. If you don’t see one, send an email to the person that runs the website and ask for the name of the designer that developed their site.

6. Industry Magazines– If you subscribe any trade or association magazines take a look at the classifieds section in the back. Chances are that you’ll find some listings for web designers there. One advantage of using this method is that in most cases these designers already has expertise in building websites for those in your field, so they will be familiar with some of the issues and goals that you may have.

7. Online Classifieds– The most popular of these online classifieds sites is Craigslist. If your city is big enough, it may have its own section on Craigslist, though you are certainly welcome to search other locations as well. A lot of design companies and freelancers advertise their services on Craigslist, so it’s worth the time exploring the section for your city. You can also post an ad on the “jobs” or “gigs” section Craigslist and have the freelancers contact you instead.

8. Online Freelance Services– If you want to widen your search nationally or even internationally but would also like some measure of assurance, using an online freelance service might be worth checking out. Some of the most well known of these sites includes Elance and Guru

You can post a listing about your web design job and search for designers by expertise, type of work needed and your location.

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