Fleece Men’s Pyjamas – Warm and Practical Sleepwear For Cold Winter Nights


Any man who takes part in outdoor sports will be well aware of the material generally called “fleece”. It’s a soft synthetic material widely used for outdoor clothing as it is light, warm and snug. What he may not know is that this material is also used to make pyjamas.

When it comes to staying warm on cold winter nights you will find fleece pyjamas coming into their own. Indeed, for the ultimate in winter warmth you can get them in one piece suits with integral little feet – footed pyjamas or “footies” as they are known – and even hoods. The combination of complete coverage and modern materials make for the ultimate in warm winter sleepwear.

Of course they look a bit unusual. At the end of the day you will look like a grown men wearing a child’s romper suit. But if you are willing to sacrifice style for practicality then these may be the pyjamas for you men’s rompers.

The main practical advantage of one piece fleece footed pajamas is that they are very warm, particularly the footed and hooded versions, as they create a cocoon of warm are around the body. Clever models include nylon zippers which not only create a little cocoon but also warm up with you so that you do not have a cold metal zip pressing into you in the middle of the night. They are also very comfortable. Fleece is known for it’s softness and is perfect for snuggling up in.

Footed pyjamas are available is a wide range of colours so there is a pair of fleece pyjamas for everyone. Fleece is also an ideal material for novelty pyjamas as it is it can be easily printed on with cartoon images or the colours of your favourite football team.

Because of their practical advantages, fleece pyjamas are popular with kids. But, at the risk of looking like a big boy, grown men should also consider them if they are looking for warm and practical winter sleepwear.

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