Finding Your Sexy After Weight Loss Surgery


Many people suffering from morbid obesity report lost feelings of sexuality as a direct result of their weight and poor health. As a person begins to recover from morbid obesity with the help of bariatric surgery they often express the desire to feel sexy again as they lose weight. Sexuality is not reserved for the thin, beautiful, or wealthy. Sexuality is intrinsic to human nature and can be enjoyed at any adult age or weight. Yet often illness, including morbid obesity, will cause our feelings of sexuality to diminish. As we begin to recover from morbid obesity and lose weight we often crave the good feelings that come from inner sexuality.

Here are some simple suggestions to get the sexy back after weight loss surgery.

Avoid Comparisons. Comparing yourself to unrealistic body ideas, such as those in magazines or catalogs, can cause feelings of inadequacy or unattractiveness. Remove these images from your life as much as possible and remind yourself that these body types are not typical personal trainer in london. Your body in all stages of recovery from obesity is beautiful and sexy and real. Celebrate you as the truly alive sexy individual that you are. Sexy starts from within and by avoiding comparisons and celebrating only you, the fire within ignites.
Wardrobe change. In the advance stages of morbid obesity we often found ourselves sporting nothing but sweats day and night. As you lose weight change out your wardrobe to better fitted clothing that feels less like pajamas and more like you are dressed with some place to go. Sweats never feel sexy, but a nice pair of jeans and a flattering top do wonders to boost your sexy quotient. If you are not ready for a sexy reveal try something new in a sexy color like red or violet or even an animal print. Step outside your wardrobe comfort zone and take it up a sexy-notch.
Bye-bye Granny-Panties. I remember that as a morbidly obese person the last thing I wanted think about was underwear shopping. Needless to say my undies were in bad shape. Throw away those ripped, faded, granny panties and invest in new underwear to fit your new shape. Get rid of that “who cares, nobody is going to see them” attitude about underwear and sport something new and fresh and well-fitted that makes you feel gorgeous. You see your underthings so give yourself something lovely to enjoy. Feeling sexy begins with you.
Let’s Get Physical. Move your body and love how it feels. Morbid obesity tends to trap us in a sedentary lifestyle. As we lose weight putting our body in motion with exercise or dance gives us a way to reconnect with our physical being, ultimately our sexual being. Turn on your favorite tunes and let go. “When you move your entire body to a beat, you start to love how it feels and embrace what your body can do,” says Vanessa Isaac, the creator of Hip Brazil Dance and Fitness. “Awakening your inner rhythm awakens your sensuality.”
Pamper Yourself. Often as morbidly obese people we feel we are undeserving of pampering or personal attention. However, when we feel pampered and pretty we allow feelings of sexiness to emerge. Hit the spa for manicure, pedicure or massage. Beauty treatments boost your confidence and having someone pamper you and make you feel pretty are solid reminders that you are worth it. If a spa visit is out of the budget right now opt for a warm bath with candles and luxuriating suds. Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo says, “Sure it may be a cliche’, but there is nothing like warm suds on your naked body to pump up the sensuality factor and remind yourself how important it is to take time to reconnect with you.”
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Kaye Bailey is an internationally recognized writer, speaker and weight loss surgery advocate. She is the author of the highly successful weight loss surgery back to basics plan: 5 Day Pouch Test and the 5 Day Pouch Test Owner’s Manual. Her follow-up book, Day 6: Beyond the 5 Day Pouch Test, was published in December 2009. It provides guidance for long-term weight and health management with all bariatric surgical procedures. Ms. Bailey is known for her powerful “You can do this” manner and her belief in the power of personal responsibility. She is the founder of LivingAfterWLS, LLC parent company to the and websites. Supporting both websites is the LivingAfterWLS Neighborhood, an online compassion-driven community for weight loss surgery, gastric bypass and gastric banding patients.

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